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India’s Civil Nuclear Liability Law 2010: Highlights and Analysis
     Published : February  - 2011  | Format : Electronic PDF  | Pages : 7
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India’s Civil Nuclear Liability Law 2010: Highlights and Analysis


India's civil liability law clearly states the liability cap for nuclear operators and also holds equipment suppliers liable in case of nuclear mishaps. It plays a major role in the hastening of financial aid to be provided to the victims. India and foreign nuclear players differ in their opinions about this law. There are possible opportunities for both India and foreign nuclear firms in the India nuclear industry. Post the “Civil Nuclear Liability Law” enforcement, there have been domestic and international business alliances in this sector. Technological advancements, modernization programs, refurbishment programs and regular inspections of nuclear power plants have made power generation through nuclear technology more safe and reliable compared to previously. With proven technology in place, the chances of a nuclear accident occurrence is negligible, and it is expected that the liability issue will not hinder domestic and international nuclear firms in carrying out within India nuclear industry. There were 18 amendments to the law, before the law came into force in 2010.However, foreign firms are seeking further amendments to the existing law, which India has been reluctant to make. There is a possibility however of these amendments happening at a later stage.


- The report analyses India's Civil Nuclear Liability Law 2010
- Explores and analyzes the operators' liability in other countries and the possible opportunities for India and international entities
- Provides details regarding post civil nuclear lliability law enforcement and opinions of India and international nuclear players of the law

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