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Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) - A Key Step for the Growth of Renewable Energy in India
     Published : January  - 2011  | Format : Electronic PDF  | Pages : 15
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Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) - A Key Step for the Growth of Renewable Energy in India


In the global renewable energy market, India is gradually becoming one of the most attractive markets for renewable energy. This growth in renewable energy is primarily due to attractive and effective central and state government policies, and regulatory support for investment in renewable energy technologies. A new step in the same direction has been proposes to further enhance the attractiveness of the Indian market , The National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) has proposed the REC mechanism for addressing the issue of global warming by the promotion of renewable energy in India. The REC mechanism decouples the conventional electricity component and environmental component of generation through renewable energy sources. The REC market in India is likely to be operational by the first quarter of 2011. Its success or failure would be to a large extent dependent on different factors such as the state level Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs), projections of these RPO targets and the pricing (floor and forbearance) of these RECs. These factors together will lead the development of the REC market in India. The REC mechanism, by bringing in flexibility and by overcoming the issue of geographical barriers for the development of renewable energy projects, could redefine renewable energy growth in India.


Its scope includes - 
- Development of REC Market in India
- Operational Mechanism of RECs
- Scenario Analysis for availability of RECs
- Estimation of Market Size for RECs
- Pricing of Solar and Non Solar RECs
- Demand and Supply side drivers for RECs
- Comparison and Analysis of RECs and CERs
- Comparison and Analysis of REC Market and FIT regime

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The viewpoint studies on the development and implications of REC Market in India. It will allow the reader to– 
- Analyse the factors fuelling the development of REC Market in India
- Develop market strategies based on the assessment of REC Market
- Analyze the implications of REC Market on various Stakeholders
- Compare and Analyze the various scenarios for availability of RECs 
- Compare and Analyze the RECs with CERs
- Compare and Analyze the REC Market with FIT Regime
-  Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the renewable energy growth potential by developing strategies
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